The Italian textile editor brand ‘Decortex Firenze’ is based in Florence, Tuscany, the company profile stands out for its flexible and open mindset.
The world of Decortex is family-managed by Sceila, Damiano and Lapo Petrioli. Supported by a strong and motivated team with different professional skills that work together to create and promote fabrics with an identity that represents a lifestyle of the present.
Collaboration is the driving force of a team that is rich in diversity, its co-thinking fosters flexibility that stimulates the company to open up to ideas coming from outside its own walls.
Proposing themselves with new concepts of creativity dedicated to ideas, where freedom of stylistic research and concreteness of the product co-exist. Know-how that is constantly renewing itself, becoming a heritage of knowledge, to ensure the highest quality of the finished product and the utmost care in customer service and quick response to requests. 


Decortex Firenze’s stimulating and colourful fabrics are the fruit of  Continuous research, of love for details, passion for textiles, and collaborative teamwork.
Collections are composed of unique fabrics where patterns and colour palettes originate from inspirational creative concepts, designed with a spirit of fresh ideas and a vision of casual modernity that harmonises with the quintessential style of classic elegance.


The company pays the utmost attention to selecting the finest yarns and best techniques to make its versatile collections,
offering the customer countless colour combinations from a vast selection of fabrics for upholstery, curtains and interior decoration.
The quality of the raw materials used is what sets the high aesthetic level characterising each product. Authentic and timeless design reflects respect for tradition, yet the focus is on the present, always with an eye on the future.


Innovation, passion and respect for tradition are the guidelines of Decortex Firenze.
The portrait of a contemporary company among the most significant in the field of top range fabrics for interior decoration.
Within its own collections, the company offers both elegant and refined textiles and modern and trendy fabrics of the highest quality.
The entire production is entrusted exclusively to European companies with high production standards, an example is the finest Italian silk that has been woven on looms of the latest generation.
Over 40 years of history of a company founded in 1977 in Florence, Tuscany, a land which represents excellence in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and industrial development, a territory that has managed to preserve its original social values.


Every day is a new start of the future and Decortex Firenze envision the future as: green! 
Customers in all markets call on every industry to take strides towards reducing its carbon footprint.
Decortex believes that the starting point for thinking and acting with responsibility is to ensure the durability and life span of a product, in essence, the longer a textile is utilised, the better it is for the environment.
Another key point for respecting nature, when designing sustainable fabrics, is to use regenerated materials and recycled yarns as much as possible.
The company is dedicating passion and resources to analysing its social responsibility, in order to rethink and improve, where needed, as it strives towards always acting with ecological awareness and respect for nature.
Defining, sharing and promoting environmental goals with employees and suppliers helps the company to integrate them with managing operations, making sure that the organisational and operational focus is on sustainability and minimising the environmental impact.


In exclusivity for its most ambitious customers, architects and interior designers, Decortex Firenze, through its experienced design studio, makes it possible to personalise fabrics in colours, compositions, designs and qualities.The company is always ready and willing to support,and meet the needs of any request for tailor-made projects, following the entire process from idea to final fabric, working within agreed upon time frames.
Priority is given to connecting with the customer, and to listening and understanding the complete and final vision of the project. A customised fabric made in Italy using refined materials is an expression of identity and luxury. By providing expertise in developing original fabrics in compliance with demanding standards and with specified characteristics, Decortex Firenze offers high professionalism and flexibility in finding the right technical and creative solutions. The project studio and the design department, in collaboration with customers from all over the world, have created custom-made fabrics for exclusive private residences, boutiques, offices, restaurants, yachts and luxury hotels. Decortex Firenze has been on the contract market for years with fireproof fabrics.These articles, in accordance with the principle international requirements, are directed in a particular manner to the hospitality sector and the shipbuilding industry.


Today’s business reality is different from yesterday’s. This requires companies to change how they work, as customers are demanding more future-facing companies and seek unique experiences from products and services.
Decortex Firenze is adapting the company to a radically changed environment by exploring new ideas, processes and technologies that open up to fresh possibilities, focusing on innovation.
Commitment and passion are shared with agents and distributors, a highly valued team, where everyone contributes with a unique heritage and a set of specialised skills. Through this international network, the Decortex Firenze brand is promoted and distributed throughout the world, and is sought after and utilised by the most famous interior designers, architects and decorators, creating exclusive atmospheres in public spaces, prestigious hotels, luxurious yachts and private homes.
The versatile line of textiles is used for numerous applications that include upholstered furniture, beds and headboards, cushions, pillows and linen, as well as curtains, draperies and many other decorative projects.
An always attentive and precise service is an outstanding feature that the company proposes to its clients, as well as the ability and courage to constantly innovate and develop ambitious projects.